pros- helps you with your future job, and helps you pick out colleges and see different jobs.

cons- in 6th grade, it was kind of hard to understand, but it got a lot easier when I knew what job I wanted.

likes- how it helps with jobs.

dislikes- it doesn’t always have what you are looking for.


pros- it will help me with my job.

cons- it’s going to feel like a long time until i get out and get to start my job.

likes- that it will help me learn.

dislikes-  that it will take up most of my day.


pros- it helped me know what they do in high school. and I got to learn a little about the job I want.

cons- nothing.

likes- I know what I want to do.

dislikes- my conference was delayed.

it is important to think about you future because if you just throw yourself there you won’t know what to do.



Halloween history



Halloween has been around for a very long time thanks to the Celtic culture. The celts believed that the dead rose on the day November 1. So on October 31 everyone dressed up as ghosts to blend in with the ghosts. They wouldn’t  even leave their house without masks or costumes. That is where the costumes on Halloween come from.

my life – Alisha

all about me  this is all about me, I cheer for my school, I love to cheer I have been cheering since I was 4, it’s pretty much my life!


when I’m not cheering, I’m usually reading or playing on my  phone.

my favorite food is cheeseburgers, I believe it is the best food ever!